Ball Bonder

ConnX ELITE Opto

Automatic High SPeed Wire Bonder

ConnX ELITE™ Opto is the latest high speed automatic wire bonder in the industry leading Power Series. Updated motion control systems and the Quick-LED Suite processes deliver maximum productivity and simplified process optimization. ConnX ELITE Opto is the new standard in interconnection for LED packages.
Key Features:
  • Bondable area of 56 x 80 mm
  • ± 3.0 μm accuracy @ 3 sigma
  • New high speed X-Y-Z motion control and vision systems
  • New proprietary Quick-LED Suite provides robust process performance at maximum UPH
  • Interactive Programmable Look Ahead Vision for ease of set-up for maximum throughput
  • Complete Illumination System with automatic adjustment for PRS robustness
  • Single 2x magnification optics
  • Auto SHTL and NSOL Recovery for improved MTBA performance
  • Auto-BITS self-teach and optimization


Field Upgrade Path:

  • ConnX ELITE Opto LA (Large Area)
  • ConnX ELITE Opto ELA (Extended Large Area)

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