NPI Solutions

Save 50% on your data preparation time

New Product Introduction (NPI) tools ensure the successful introduction of new products. Our NPI software ensures the reduction of time between receiving BOM and CAD data, and running the actual production.

We partner with Mentor Graphics to provide the best-in-class front-end data preparation tools. From receiving BOM data towards the generation of a program, these tools define the most efficient and error free route, saving 50% on your data preparation time!

NPI roundtrip: Manage data and never do a process twice
A quality placement is a when using the best -and same- process for placing a component on a board. Our NPI round trip takes care that every new component is only defined once and optimized once on any system in your factory. Once defined, the part is centrally authorized and released to use in the entire factory which can use the similar part plug and play. Additionally, making the roundtrip compete, all part info is fed back to our data preparation system for immediate use in any program using the same part.

Open data interface for NPI
The NPI uses the industry standard IPC CAMX protocol (Computer Aided Manufacturing XML protocol). This protocol is based on a set of inexpensive to implement, and open, communications standards. The CAMX files/messages are well structured and follow the international IPC standards 2541, 2546 and 2551. These standards are state of the art and are gaining wide acceptance within the SMT Industry. The NPI messages can be used for remote decision making, controlling if production may or may not be started (e.g. stop at wrong setup or entry of wrong board etc).

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