Connect to any MES/ERP system

The Open-Data-Interface advantage:

Our open optimizer interfaces make it possible to connect to any front-end data preparation programs such as Mentor Valor MSS, SMS international, Aegis, or Siemens PLM.

Detailed performance, process and traceability data interfaces to the outside (MES/ERP systems) using the IPC CAMX protocol (Computer Aided Manufacturing XML protocol). This protocol is based on a set of inexpensive to implement, and open, communications standards. The CAMX files/messages are well structured and follow the international IPC standards 2541, 2546 and 2551. These standards are state of the art and are gaining wide acceptance within the SMT Industry.

Our interfaces connect default to Mentor Valor MSS software. However, the open interface protocol allows connection to basically any MES or ERP systems such as Visiprise, iTac, Aegis, or Optel.

Traceability data:  Records the data of actual placed components on work order or pcb level. Additionally it records all relevant process data and machine states that have occurred during production of a work order or pcb.

Performance data: Records typical Management Information System data such as machine states, process data, PPM levels, pick rates, board counts, status and so on. It allows analysis on the performance of the line and make necessary improvements.

Remote control: External Start/Stop control. Allows external systems to make start/stop decisions

Warehousing: Real-time detection on feeder insertion and removal and real-time tracking of parts consumption per feeder.

To comply to the standards used in the semicon back-end and other industries, the K&S iX equipment and Hybrid equipment can also be equipped with SECS/GEM data interfaces.

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