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Flexline - Your product quality is our drive

With the Flexline you can create the ideal high quality production line for any mix, any volume, any product. The renowned AX system has been re-vamped into the next generation iX platform, ensuring full commonality with the existing iFlex and still focusing on what it does best;  surface mount (SMT) pick and place components at the highest possible quality levels, a requirement for industries focusing on safety, liability sensitive, life critical or high service call type of products.

The Flexline has an exceptional output and component range, all using K&S’ unique single-pick / single-place concept.  With its wide component range and high output, the iFlex T2 is an ideal line balancer between the high passive outputs of the iX and iFlex H1.

The Flexline pick and place process brings so much extra value, recognized by many customers.
The new iX has continuous enhancements in the total pick and place process, further introducing a new light weight feeding range with proven high field-measured pick-rates of over 99.99%, higher placement accuracies for passives (35 microns), new component range, 25% increased output for camera aligned components, new NPI features and full integration with the iFlex platform, together forming the new Flexline.

Industry's most flexible one-machine concept
Scalable output of high first pass yield
The K&S Hybrid is the first hybrid Flip Chip/passive placement machine with the speed and accuracy needed for cost-effective SiP manufacture.

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