Electronics Assembly

iX 502 / iX 302

Scalable output - high first pass yield

The K&S iX has continuous enhancements in the total pick and place process, further introducing a new light weight feeding range with proven high field-measured pick-rates of over 99.99%, higher placement accuracies for passives (35 microns), new component range, 25% increased output for camera-aligned components.

With software optimizing factory processes efficiently, the iX 302 and iX 502 simply blends into your factory. The truly modular single sided concept simplifies use and offers complete control and overview from one side in a volume environment.
Industry's most controlled placement process

The unique feature of the iX is its optimized control of each and every individual placement resulting into the highest first-pass yield in the industry. It minimizes the costs associated with repair and possible scrapping. In addition, the high quality of your manufactured product assures end-user satisfaction, with minimal warranty recalls by the final consumer.​

The unique placement process features:​
  • Advanced PCB collision detection mechanism
  • No impact force = No component cracking
  • Real-time closed-loop placement force control to place the part at the specified placement force
  • Placement process verification (according blue-print value)  - Always check the reliability of each individual placement
  • PCB surface mapping allows all other placement heads to place without impact on the learned placement height.
  • Conceptually smooth machine movement: low maintenance, reliable component handling and a continuous basis for accuracy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - year after year.
  • Fully software controlled pick and place cycle: controlled pick, optimum acceleration and deceleration process, monitoring and controlled placement: No damage to components.
  • All individual placements follow 'blue-print' values, making sure only correct PCBs leave the line.
  • Proven reliability of fewer than 1 defect per million placement performance.
  • Capacity can be added or removed in order to increase or decrease output without altering the line footprint: True capacity on demand.

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